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Severn Way Walking Holiday in
Wales and England
from Hafren Forest (The Source) Wales
to Bristol England

What our customers say

Severn Way walking holiday in Wales and England with Lets Go Walking

Severn Way walking holiday in Wales and England with Lets Go Walking

Severn Way walking holiday in Wales and England with Lets Go Walking

A 232 mile walking route from the source of the River Severn in Wales to the mouth where the River Severn flows into the Bristol Channel.

This is one of our Cotswolds and Severn Valley Walking Holidays, and also one of our River Walking Holidays.

Severn Way walking holiday with Let's Go Walking

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What our customers say about our Severn Way walking holiday

“I have now walked from the source of the River Severn to  Mouth of the River Severn and on to Bristol. Thank you for all the Arrangements.  I don’t think I have ever stayed in so many hostelries with timber beams before!
All in all I had a great adventure and was able to visit many sites of interest along the way.

Rugman  UK 2021

“Ian and I had a great time walking the Severn and very much enjoyed the convenience of having everything sorted for us – and it all worked well. And we liked the maps and other materials. Severn path between Worcester and Upton. The path should take you under the A4440 at its junction with the A38. There are substantial roadworks going on which will continue until at least 2021 according to notices. The notices also promise a diversion path running parallel to the closed path and the A38 to Kempsey. We don’t think it exists and nor do Ted and Denise – an Australian couple using Let’s Go Walking who we met up with. No real alternative to just walking a couple of miles down the A38 to Kempsey and picking up the path again there. Diversion to footpath sort of marked. As I said we had a great time – hope comments helpful”. 
Patrick and Ian UK 2019

“We completed our walk on Monday and have had an enjoyable three days exploring Tewkesbury. Thanks to the Let’s Go Walking team for organisation of our accommodation along the way. Each place we stayed at was different and all safe, clean and comfortable, and each with their own unique atmosphere. The Falcon in BridgeNorth and the Tudor Barn B&B in Arley were standouts, particularly the Tudor Barn. Our hosts were very welcoming and the B&B setting was stunning. We did have a couple of Fawlty Tower type incidents here and there, which were funny and memorable…..The Severn Way winds its way through beautiful countryside and fascinating historical sites and surrounds. We had glorious sunny days which was great, with only one wet day.Judging by overgrowth over the track in many parts of our trek, much of the Severn way is not frequently walked. We had many encounters with boot wide paths heavily overgrown with hip high stinging nettles and brambles. We met Ian and Patrick who were also walking with Let’s Go Walking in Stourport at the Guesthouse, and from there came across one another each day, along the track, including an Indian dinner and then breakfast together at Upton upon Severn, sharing our adventures.
On the Way from Wroxeter the Way was difficult to pick up, using the somewhat scant Cicerone guide which doesn’t include any information about distances, so often it’s very difficult to know whether they mean, go ahead two hundred yards or two miles ??

On the way from Wroxeter we finally found the rise referred to in the guide, then by serendipity the gate bearing the illusive Severn Way sign we were looking for, collapsed and covered in brambles, we walked on briefly before we lost the trail again almost immediately, so we climbed out of the field and walked the next mile into town along the road.
On the day we were headed to Worcester we ran across Patrick and Ian by the Holt Fleet Hotel, together we managed to find the trail fleetingly, then lost it again due to lack of signage and scant information in our Cicerone books. Ted and I found the trail briefly, near the old quarry, picked up another walker who was also lost and together found the trail by again finding a collapsed Severn Way sign, hefting it back into its correct position so we knew which direction to head and then bashed our way through a long patch of nettles and brambles that the only other people to broach that day were Ian and Patrick. We met them again at the ever so convenient pub on the outskirts of Worcester and alked in with them.

The next day there were major freeway works under way a couple of hours walk out from Worcester and the Severn Way signs are no longer locatable around that point, and the road work pedestrian signs are few and far between. We asked directions from a caravan park manager, a dog walker, road construction workers and a member of the nearby Sailing club. None were able to assist us back to the trail and after an hour of nettles and brambles near the river, we headed to Kempsey along the road, accompanied again by Ian and Patrick who were also lost. Once out of Kempsey and back on the track the rest of the day to Upton was relatively well signed.
On the last morning on the way to Tewkesbury signage was good and the walking was easy with the exception of a couple of treacherous patches of overgrown track where the narrow track was right on the edge of of the steep river bank. Not for the faint hearted!
Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed our Severn Way walk and hope to be in touch with Let’s Go Walking for another adventure soon.”
Denise and Ted Australia 2019

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